Sunday, January 3, 2010

Get Free Leads Online, Use Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing is a relatively new term in network marketing. Very few marketers can claim to fully understand it, and even fewer are effectively applying it in their online MLM business. The notion behind attraction marketing is simply that people would rather do business with someone they find attractive.
But don't go just yet. We aren't discussing physical beauty here. Perhaps a better way to put it is that customers prefer to patronize someone, a marketer, whose personality and approach they find appealing. Customers are in effect attracted to such a marketer.
Fortunately, virtually all the things that can make you attractive before a customer or prospect are things you can learn. In order words, in attraction marketing, you suffer no disadvantages as a result of some talents you are not born with. Isn't that great?
That said, the main thing you need to bear in mind concerning this marketing concept is that you need to know those things that attract people to people. Yes, why would a customer prefer to order a product from one online marketer out of the several that have been approaching him?
And why would this customer keep going back to this same marketer each time he needs another of that product or a related product? We can't quite pin it down to coincidence. It all comes down to a few things that one marketer does differently (and better!) than the other marketers.
Two things are very central in attraction marketing: (1) under normal conditions, people would patronize the marketer who understands his products and business very well. (2) People would choose the marketers who care about the buyers' feelings.
One thing that will attract clients to you as an online marketer is having a good knowledge of the product you're selling. How would you perceive a marketer who couldn't answer your questions concerning a product he's introducing to you?
If the marketer gave you some mixed-up and incomprehensible information regarding his product or business, are you likely to buy into whatever he's promoting? Unlikely.
So don't be that marketer! A lack of demonstrable knowledge of what you're promoting repels rather than attracts prospects. It creates doubts in the minds of potential clients.
But if on the other hand you expertly educate a prospect about a product or service, doing so in a manner that teaches the prospect the various ways he can maximize the utility of a product or service, you would have won their trust and confidence! They'll come back to you the next time they need information around your niche market.

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