Monday, February 1, 2010

3 Easy Tips To Put Your Viral Marketing On Steroids

Viral marketing has been available for a long time now. Companies both big and small have generated a lot of revenue from this word-of-mouth type of Internet advertising. The Internet has made it much easier for people to rave about how much they like this product or that website, and business owners are happy to promote this type of marketing. Viral marketing is inexpensive and most times just as effective as traditional marketing, which makes viral marketing a valuable course to get the highest return on your investment.

This article contains some great information and instructions on how viral marketing can work for you:

1) You need to understand Viral Marketing works much differently than normal marketing. It is best not to view it as a form of advertisement. You are using very different methods of getting people to notice your product. Basically you have to look at it differently. People like to hear interesting stories that they can relate to, they don't necessarily like to hear lectures. You want people to remember what you said and apply your techniques, products, or services later on. Normal advertising does not work this way at all. Your goal with the creation of a viral marketing campaign is to have people feel they have a real connection to your product, service, and especially, your business. When you have a good relationship with the consumer, that is when they will sing your praises where they can. Not only will they want to buy what you are selling, they will tell others about it as well. It's a snowball affect that grows slowly but can give you massive returns in the end.

Tip #2 - Even though viral marketing helps the word spread on its own, you have to initiate the process using other marketing mediums. This involves a variety of marketing techniques in order to build up interest. By doing this you will allow your viral marketing message to not only build momentum, but ensure its long-term success. This can include a combination of media, including radio, television, outdoor or online messages. Another example is to get the bloggers involved, getting them to write down their thoughts about your campaign, your product/service and to give their opinions. Some of the more substantial blogs carry with them thousands of readers in just as many markets. Leverage them and use them for your own benefit. Blogs can spread the word about the product, and get your campaign rolling. This will only happen once you have established a marketing buzz in more than one marketing form.

3. The last thing your internet marketing campaign needs to be is innovative. It should be progressive and innovative. Expand your marketing horizons by not limiting your business to websites or viral videos; employ the use of television or classified ads to reach a greater audience. The most successful viral approach utilizes all resources available to the marketer. Challenge yourself to see just how many you can come up with. These are the resources that you need to use to build your viral promotion and take it to the next level. It's that kind of out of the box thinking that empowers viral marketing to bring your business to the level you've dreamed of. You want your campaign to be like nothing anyone's ever seen. There is a lot of planning and work on the front end to launch a viral marketing campaign, but once it takes off it has a mind of its own.