Sunday, January 17, 2010

MLM Net Network Marketing: Ways To Use The Strength Of The Net To Recruit New Members

Those of you who have previously been a member of a network marketing program will know how excited you can get when you sign up with a new program. You are convinced this the the best money making opportunity since the invention of the printing press and you just want to get out there and tell your family and friends about it as quickly as possible. Stop a moment and think about MLM internet network marketing first.
That might not be the best way to do things. Especially if you have been involved with other programs before and you have already signed up some of your friends and family members for that program. Eventually you will reach a saturation point and these people will simply start to avoid you.
There's a much more effective way. The arrival of the Internet changed the lives of network marketers forever. While before you didn't have much choice but to involve your friends and family, you no longer have to do this. You can now literally recruit members from anywhere in the world, provided that the program that you joined is open to international members.
It doesn't matter whether the products you are selling as part of your MLM program are physical, such as washing powder, or digital, such as computer programs: you can equally effectively utilize the Internet to recruit members for both.
If you sell physical products as part of your network program, the Internet might not be the ideal place to sell these products. But that does not mean you can't use the Internet to recruit new members. You can build your downline online equally well with both physical and digital products.
The secret here is not to set up a website where you simply try to recruit members. Remember that the people who visit your website don't know you from anywhere. You will therefore first have to establish a relationship with them. They have to start trusting you as a reliable source of information.
What you need is a change of mindset. You need to start helping people, rather than using them to build your business. If you've helped someone a couple of times to solve a problem he had, or provided him with answers to nagging questions about network marketing, he is so much more likely to become one of your recruits. You could, for example, start a blog where you give one hundred percent free training in recruitment techniques to those who are new to network marketing.
Over time you will therefore get established in their minds as someone who knows his subject and who is honestly interested in helping them succeed. Their first action will probably be to sign up for your newsletter. If the impression they have of you is confirmed by the newsletter, they are eventually highly likely to sign up for your MLM internet network marketing program.

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